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Stevia chocolate bar and the line consists of 4 chocolate bars sweetened with stevia

Here we report an extract of stevia scientific


The first news of the existence of Stevia rebaudiana dates back to its use by the indigenous Guarani who called caa - ehe ( sweet grass ) and used it to cover the bitter taste dell'Ilex paraguayensis with which he prepared an exciting brew called " Mate " .

Initially it was described by the Paraguayan botanist Moises Santiago Bertoni ( 1857-1929 ) , Asuncion , such as Eupatorium rebaudianum , it was exactly then classified in the genus Stevia , by William Botting Hemsley ( 1843-1924 ) . The species name , " rebaudiana ," is the was given in honor of the chemist who first studied Rebaudi the chemical characteristics of the substances contained in the plant sweeteners .

Stevia ( Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni fam . Asteraceae) is a perennial plant , very resistant to frost, usually grown as a semi- perennial in extremely cold places, with hermaphrodite flowers very small , numerous and whitish, collected in inflorescence .
It looks like a seedling unpretentious , vaguely resembling a basil plant , green leaves


Stevioside , no-calorie sweetener plant , has assets antitumorali, antinfiammatorie, antidiabetic and immunomodulanti.
Stevia has been shown in experimental studies , although they are not harming your teeth and have an effect antipertensivo evaluated ( Phytotherapy Research) in people with moderate hypertension type where it turned safe and tolerable.

In medicine Stevia is used today , especially for those suffering from glicemia, care pelle ( effective against acne , dehydration , wrinkles and skin blemishes ) and the treatment of ' ipertensione.
Given its properties , stevia can also be effective to deal with the diabetes , overweight and other similar disorders associated with consumption of sugars.

The leaves are used in Asia as a sweetener in a ' variety of food and drink .
In South America it is used for centuries as a sweetener but also as a medicinal plant. In Brazil used in folk medicine as a remedy for diabetes .

Stevia also revealed action antinfiammatoria, antifungal and protettiva of the pancreas.
If taken in doses much higher than those used for sweetening , it can cause hypotension or

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For those who can not decide between a cake and a chocolate bar.

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