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This highly successful line was born from the great bond between Mirco and his land in the Dolomites, the mountains pristine pink color which for some years have become "unesco heritage", in addition to the natural beauty of the Dolomites also offer an ideal environment for the cultivation small fruits such as blueberry, raspberry or strawberry and blackberry with just these ingredients chocolate line is born of the forest, a line characterized by a different mark his face to bring out the best of our ingredients mountain

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For those who can not decide between a cake and a chocolate bar.



TABLETS OF THE WOODS - size 60 gr. - MINIMUM ORDER 10PCS BY TYPE - 60 gr Dolomites fruits " of the forest chocolate "




WHITE AND LICORICE white chocolate with licorice




DARK STRAWBERRY dark chocolate with straberry




RASPBERRY DARK dark chocolate with raspberry




CRANBERRY DARK dark chocolate with blueberry




BLACKBERRY DARK dark chocolate with blackberry




MILK AND HAY milk chocolate with hay


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