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Experience gained in the production of chocolate bars crafted of high quality, and with the knowledge derived from the use of selected raw matere, a new line of products dedicated to lovers of chocolate excellence: the line of chocolate bars Mono Source.

Trips to Santo Domingo, in the lands of the production of chocolate Mirco Della Vecchia has been able to know and test the best cocoa beans. Starting from a source selected from a single "finca production," cocoa is acquired in a perspective of solidarity and pay a fair price to the campesinos.

The taste of this chocolate is firm and clear, particularly from bouquette aromatic fruity and toasty, depending on the origin of the cocoa which it is composed.
As a hallmark of our attention to food intolerances all products Single Origin consist of raw materials free of gluten, particularly suitable for people with celiac disease lovers of chocolate, cocoa and of biological origin.

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Single origin chocolate bars 80g.

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